Jaime King Shock Confession

Jaime King :

Logs actress Jaime King to speak after the this year’s Oscars performance of Lady Gagas and confesses that she is a victim of abuse


It was probably one of the most poignant moments at this year’s Academy Awards:Lady Gaga performed her song “Til It happens To You“. The theme song to the movie“The Haunting Ground” is dedicated to all victims of abuse. The song refers to the sexual assaults on the universities and gives a voice to the victims.


Jaime speaks plain text!


The appearance of moving not only the audience, but also the actress Jamie King. OnInstagram, she confessed that she, too, at the age of twelve was abused. In the caption, she thanks among other things with her husband, their children and friends and their doctor. Jaime King consciously, however, has decided to make a cover story from their abuse. For she is now very much for other abuse victims and tries to encouragethem.


The actress Jaime King, 36, has been married since 2007 with her husband Kyle Newman. Together they have two sons. Nice to see that it receives so much support from her family give her strength.

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