Indira Weis The Grief Eats Her Kilos

Indira Weis :

Indira Weis was one of the women, which was always their feminine curves. Now she posts on Facebook a video, in which she presented her flat belly. It is anything but pride. Of grief she should have declined as much


Indira Weis, ex-member of the ‘Popstars’ Band Brosis, and former resident of the jungle camp, posted a video on Facebook, which made for good conversation a few days ago. It showed that she has lost some kilos. The 36-year old is not proud about ithowever. Reason should be great sorrow for the  pounds.


In the video, Indira Weis wrote: “we have all our personal GZSZ. But usually you never post anything. Usually you are radiant, presents happy and at its best, to show everyone how awesome it is one. I felt so dirty, so the lost my appetite, and I have taken quite. the last weeks”


That sounds suspiciously like heartache and loss of appetite associated. However, inthe past, there were no signs on a new man in her life.


Proud woman with curves

So far, Indira Weis occurred as tough, self-confident woman with curves. She was clearly against the low-fat obsession with other prominent women and stressed that she has no desire to eat salad and low-fat yogurt.


Now it should go but already feeling better and, it hopes, also on the scale, it‘s soon back uphill. Professionally it for Indira is currently running in any case around. Indira Weis recorded a new album and can be part of your fan base on Facebook and co. it.

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