Heidi Klum The Million Woman

Heidi Klum :

The smart smile conceals a tough business-Lady: Heidi Klum is more than model and presenter long she directs her own corporate Empire. And the successor is already available


Might be it easier if she would carry strict costumes and a serious face. Although it would recognize Heidi also then immediately. Heidi Klum, 42, among hundreds of entrepreneurs, but she would be more cliche, such as Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook) or Marissa Mayer (Google). Female Moguls with business appeal.


Model, designer, TV star…

Heidi Klum is primarily as a model and designer, as a host and judge of the Pro7-show‘Germany’s next top model’ perceived. As a mother of four children and a woman with one, well, interesting Liebesleben.Derzeit Vito is also beak, 29, the man at her side.New York cosmopolitan, gallery owner, money. That the German even has a fortune of$70 million (approximately EUR 63 million) and is an internationally operating company, you can see over there easily.


She manages an empire

Their success makes old look some staunch economic size. And arouses greed in the own offspring. “Mama, what must I do, to take over your Empire?”, asked her eleven-year old daughter Leni recently, as Heidi Klum in the Australian “today show” told. Their unspectacular reply: “you have to go to school and write good grades.”


Klum’s recipe for success

Pretty scarce, this recipe for success, bearing in mind that the German financial entrepreneur Carsten Maschmeyer needs page in his book “The millionaire formula”lush 352, to explain how to get lots of money. And it seems Heidi Klum‘s success method to be not less effective. Over the past three years increased their assets by 40 to 70 million dollars. This is an increase of 75 percent. Her income has more than doubled in the same period: $ 4.45 million in 2012 to $9.47 million by 2015.


All thanks to Werbebepartnern like Astor, Douglas, Brown and taffeta, TV show like“GNTM”, “Project Runway” and “America’s got talent“, thanks to Heidi’s self designed shoes, sports clothing and lingerie, and all the activities, now under the roofs of theHeidi Klum GmbH and two other firms are bundled. There, managed artists,organized events and sold cosmetics.


Heidi is a complete professional

No other model worldwide for business as wide turns up as the “Rhenish nature” from Bergisch Gladbach. “I‘m amazed himself again and again that‘s further going forward”,says Heidi Klum‘s father Gunther Klum to GALA. His analysis: “this is certainly but also remember, that Heidi Klum always with much heart of the matter is, and that she has everything that makes them fun.”


Heidi Klum‘s favorite photographer, the Briton John Rankin, observed that in any shooting.“Heidi is full professional. Conversely much fun, to work with her, me because she knows what‘s important. She is always friendly.” He brings his enthusiasm so to the point: “what you see is what you get.”


Their great support: Papa and Mama

You get to Heidi Klum that she exudes. The authenticity is one of its greatest strengths.With her looks the down-home not corny, she is proud of its Petit-bourgeois, origin,on their “German organization delusions”, by which she already knows what what‘s in six months. Where other stars disguise their seemingly no longer his fame during origin, mother Erna father takes Heidi Gunther to St. Moritz and Cannes, according to Porto Cervo and Malibu.


While “Mama Klum” taking care of four grandchildren education and will continue the conservative values that already Heidi has it conveys, “Papa Klum” takes care of business: “when Heidi’s career, I have particular attention that her name and brand are protected. Among the business things I try of course has always been, a good father and grandfather to be, you always can rely on.”


Heidi’s career start

In the early 1990 s he was your only guide. Today, she has gathered many expert round, pulling the strings in the background. Here Heidi Klum‘s PR woman, associate and now best friend are for example Desiree Gruber, Heidi. Then her manager BrettCarella, her agent Richard Weitz or Daniel Pass man, advocate of the renowned Californian law firm gang, tyre, Ramer & Brown. They all have their share of it, that the brand Heidi Klum also 23 years more developed after their discovery in Thomas Gottschalks RTL “Late night” show always.

Only Gisele is better rib

Her Brazilian model colleague Gisele is located just above rib in the asset ranking with$350 million Heidi. An incentive for the ambitious business woman. It is always newgoals. Even the temporarily stranded casting show “Germany’s next top model” has recovered again. With new concept and better odds, the eleventh season started better than in the previous year: 2.52 million viewers watched, and the success continues. Persistently Heidi Klum believed despite all of the criticism in this show,patiently endure the Hame to started again.


Be more patient

So a success criterion, the Heidi also her children Leni, 11, Henry, 10, Johan, 9, and Lou, 6,. Although Leni already grabbed the Empire-star serves the offspring will not.That is of course relative in the face of a lifestyle: Villa in Bel Air, the elegant district of Los Angeles, visiting an expensive private school in Brentwood, lunch at the luxury Restaurant “Nobu”. But Heidi Klum attaches indeed great importance that their four “as normal as possible” grow up. You play football and do gymnastics, pottery, paint andlearn to play piano.


Next Heidi Klum?

Her mom keeps them out of the limelight. “I would not necessarily love it if my children were also active in show business”, says Heidi Klum. Gunther Klum, meanwhile,leaves a loophole: ” Leni has discovered her interest in the fashion world in infancy.However, she is still a young girl, goes to school and does what other girls also make.Who knows, what the future brings we can all imagine.” The next “generation Klum”is secured.


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