Hayden Panettiere Soon The Wedding Bells?

Hayden Panettiere :

After Hayden Panettiere finally overcame her postpartum depression and her fiance Wladimir Klitschko is 40 years old, nothing in the way is the wedding


With the help of therapy, Hayden Panettiere has overcome her week bed depression. After her little daughter Kaya Evdokia was born in December 2014, was the singer in a black hole. Since then she is strong for mothers who have experienced similar.“The most important message that I would like to spread, is that it is OK to ask for help”, which told them the American “people magazine“. The 26-year-old traveled voluntarily in October 2015 in a treatment, to overcome her illness.


“You feel guilty as a mother”

“You feel as if you were in a tunnel. You can not remember when the last time had friends. You‘re trying to remember when it was so, when you have felt the last time something positive, but you don’t make it easy. Everything one sees is the evergrowing darkness.” Hayden Panettiere would urge women who share the same fate, to be, what they feel. You think that just this openness has helped her to overcome this disease.


The hope for a happy future


Always at her side was her fiance Wladimir Klitschko, who appears to be their biggest support. Lovingly, she describes him as her great love and seems willing to go to finally look forward after that terrible last year.


There remains only to hope that finally succeeds in the beautiful actress and professional Boxer, that even the wedding bells are ringing this year. After all, for almost three years, they are engaged and a wedding would be but the coronation of their stead fast love.

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