Gigi Hadid: It is Related To a German Star!

Gigi Hadid:

It is the it girl ( Gigi Hadid ) of the fashion world and one of the most sought after models at all with a surprising relationship to Germany


This connection between model Gigi Hadid and Germany may surprise you: the“Victoria’s secret“-Engel is related to the German tennis player Tommy Haas.


But how exactly is the link exactly?


The German tennis player is engaged for many year with the U.S. actress Sara Foster period, the couple have two daughters. Sara Foster in turn is the daughter of record producer David Foster, the (still) husband of Gigi Hadid‘s mother Yolanda foster and thereby the stepsister of the models.


Yolanda foster calls Hadid herself again


But this marriage is already out: David and Yolanda foster have announced late lastyear to go in future separate ways after nine years together. Soon as the divorce had been through, she wanted again take the name of her ex-ex-husband Mohammed Hadid, the father of Bella and Gigi Hadid, models, the TV star Yolanda Foster said.


David was jealous of Gigi and Bella


The reason to be envy of Grammy winner David Foster on the success of his model stepdaughters. Shortly after the wedding with music producer Yolanda foster had role in the reality show “the real housewives of Beverly Hills adopted. That David should doesn’t have adapted, because the success of the reality show have not helped him, betrayed an Insider “Page Six”. The success of his stepdaughters, however, is hardto stop.


“He has a huge ego. David likes to be relevant. He had success and a large number was real. The show has given him the feeling that he no longer has same place in pop culture. And his daughters, dominate the pop culture.”


The fame of her stepsisters should not have fallen also his daughters, among other things, Sara Foster. Accordingly, the table cloth between the Gigi Hadid‘s and foster’s will be probably final cut with her divorce from Yolanda and David

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