Emma Watson Beat Boxing For Equality

Emma Watson :

Emma Watson has her beat box skills demonstrated of course all in the name of equality

Emma Watson give yourself a break from acting at the moment though, uses the time to discover other talents. For example, who would have thought that the 25-year-old beat can box? Not even they themselves probably!

The international women‘s day, Watson interviewed the Broadway composer Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is known for his freestyle RAPs.


Emma’s first beat-box attempt

In a video of it can be seen how Emma Watson persuaded him to a rap, to support their campaign of “He For She”, with which she advocates as Good will Ambassador of the UN women the equality of the sexes. The 36-year old agrees, under the condition that the actress dictates the rhythm with her mouth.

“That is so bad,” says Emma Watson on their first attempt of beat box, giggles coyly and then it rightly lays down your hand over your mouth. “As spitting protection”, jokes the singer.

And RAPs as Miranda the first movements, seems to favor Emma Watson on her new found talent to have found beat  and bounce, merrily away.

“I‘m ashamed of myself so much”

“This is the beat box dream team,” Lin-Manuel Miranda finished his freestyle.

“I‘m ashamed of myself just so much. I took literally the color of a tomato”, so Emma Watson, who apparently cannot grasp what she just did. “So far, I‘m going for the equality of the sexes.”


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