Demi Moore Finally Arrived

Demi Moore :

So radiant you no longer saw Demi Moore since the love fraud by Ashton Kutcher.GALA says how she came to clean


Sometimes it is with a broken heart as with a broken leg: you must really strive to become fit again. With Demi Moore, 53, it took five years. The actress took so long to fight himself back to life after the painful separation of Ashton Kutcher.


Happiness and success are back

Today she‘s happy again and succeed. She just signed a deal for a new television series titled “10 days in the Valley”. Demi Moore, private mother of three daughters between 22 and 27, is in a single TV writer, whose five-year Tochter is kidnapped. Also, it comes with this year two movies in the cinema. In the drama “Blind,” Demi Moore played alongside her good old friend Alec Baldwin, in the comedy ‘Wild Oats’ two Grandes Dames of the film business, Shirley MacLaine and Jessica Lange. And a project with her ex-husband of Bruce Willis is still in planning.


She is at peace with herself

Who they experienced these days on the set, is immediately captured by its charming kind. Demi Moore radiates, makes jokes, a cup of coffee for the crew decaffeinated, of course. She pays attention to a healthy diet, and lives strictly vegetarian. Everyone can see it: this woman is at peace with himself. The total crash 2011 followed by public opprobrium to be duped, the low-fat craze and the pill addiction all overcome. The divorce by Kutcher 2013 has made her only stronger at the end.


Love their daughters

Ayurveda and yoga helped her. But above all, the unconditional love of her daughters Rumer Glenn, Scout LaRue and Tallulah Belle from the marriage with Bruce Willis.Her youngest was in February just 22 years old and turned the tables, made as birthday boy of her mother a gift. “I thank you that you have carried me nine months in your belly,” Demi Moore post on Instagram. And her sister Rumer wrote four of them under a girl-power photo, which was shot at the birthday party: “I love these beautiful people! I could think of no other women as a family.”


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