Daniela Katzenberger Cute Snapshot

Daniela Katzenberger :

Daniela Katzenberger has again posted a picture of baby Sophia. This shows her withPapa Lucas shortly after birth


Daniela Katzenberger gives her fans in every situation in your life whether it‘s food,sport, beauty, or the family. I’m sure that even daughter keeping Sophia since birth forfunny snapshots. In the stroller, then back in bed or in MOM’s arms, almost daily can you follow on Facebook Sophia’s current Constitution.


Tired after the effort


Now, the cult blonde posted a photo that shows a day after giving birth to baby Sophia. The girl is asleep and well protected on the chest by Papa Lucas Cordalis andhe also seems to be still exhausted from the rigors of the last days. A sweet image,Daniela Katzenberger fans too much love.

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