Daniela Katzenberger Body Frustration

Daniela Katzenberger :

The latest Facebook picture of Daniela Katzenberger provides the power blonde for body-frustration and splits the minds

Oh you “Bacon”!


Can a beautiful Ridge also delight, or is it?

Poor Daniela Katzenberger! The TV blonde (“goodbye Germany! The emigrants”) animage of its obverse has posted today, has taken soon husband of Lucas Cordalis from her. But the result seems to shock Dani. “My wedding is in less than 3 months and my“Bacon wings”make sure someone great in my corset dress,” she writes in herFacebook posting their followers. Many fans have good advice, some people can not resist but a few nasty comments.


In the diet stress

Anyway, the cat seems to currently deeply concerned, therefore, to have the perfect figure for her dream wedding on June fourth treasure Lucas. But Daniela Katzenberger not too much seems to diet is in things?



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