Charlize Theron So Was The Separation of Sean Penn

Charlize Theron :

Charlize Theron and Sean Penn broke up in the summer of 2015. Now, the actress talks about the love from first.


They were a Hollywood dream couple: Charlize Theron (40, “Snow White & The Huntsman”) and Sean Penn (55, “Gangster Squad”) were one and a half years together. In the summer of 2015 then the surprising separation. Now the actress has in the “WSJ magazine spoken for the first time about the honey off. Rumors held it is stubbornly, she broke up with Penn by means of “Ghosting”. This means that you continuously ignore any contact experiments of the ex-partners and just quietly disappearing from the lives of others.


“This damn ghost thing, I know still don’t, what that actually means”, admits Charlize Theron now in an interview. Well, there is the need to exaggerate things. Once you end a relationship, a great drama behind it must plug. That was but simply not the case with you and Sean Penn. “We were together and then it did no longer work. We have both decided to go to separate us. That was about”, the actress explains.


The thing with the kids


The Oscar winner also clarified that Penn never intended, to adopt their son Jackson, 4,: “we were together so fresh. These things happen within a period of 18 months.You can do this to a child.” But, her adopted son had to learn that they are indeed afriend got, but that this was not his father. “One must be very careful with these things and deal honestly with this. And Sean was great”, says Theron.


Shortly after the separation, Theron adopted the small August in August 2015. Charlize Theron had been very honest with Sean and told him she wanted more children. He showed complete understanding. He knew that she try a second adoption, but it was talk of it, that they jointly adopt a child. “A relationship must be a while before you can take this step. Of course I was hoping, but it didn’t end yet”, tells the 40 years and wipes are a few tears from his eyes. Then she laughs and admits: “my speakers is going to kill me, I‘ve said too much.”

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