Arnold Schwarzenegger Loser of The Day

Arnold Schwarzenegger :

Arnold Schwarzenegger is due to Trump question


Arnold Schwarzenegger (68, “Terminator: Genisys“) none of this keeps apparently after Donald Trump, 69, to answer questions. The former Governor of California to be allegedly received during an interview for the Australian show “Weekend Sunrise”. That reports the “New York Post”. The reason: He should give his opinion on Trump.


“This is an interview that I don’t give about fitness and health, about politics or my relationships,” the “Terminator” said the report, before he finished the conversation.Arnold Schwarzenegger is currently in Australia, to promote a series of fitness events. Even before the question trump the presenter about his failed marriage to have asked him with Maria Shriver, 60. He had not answered that. From Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s team, it says according to the “New York Post”, he had not stormed out of the interview, the time was simply expired. In addition, there had been inappropriate questions.

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