Amber Rose Poses For The Cause!

Amber Rose :

The star Amber Rose posted a picture of it, a bare breast on Instagram to protest against gender bias and discrimination on social networks.


Actress Amber Rose has always been very committed to women‘s rights. Showed it March 17 by posting a picture of it on the social networks, on which she appears a breast discovered.


Amber Rose has not his body without reason, unlike Kim Kardashian who does when she does not know how to dress. Indeed, the American star has posted this shot on its Twitter accounts, and accompanied by the hashtag #FreetheNipple Instagram(free the Tetons). This slogan is actually that of a campaign which aims to fight against censorship of the body of women on social networks. Indeed, on some social networks, it is forbidden for a woman to appear a Tetons then this poses no problem for men.


A different hashtag accompanies this photo: #AmberRoseSlutWalk2016. This makes hashtag refers to a shock sentence uttered by a Toronto policeman who had proposed to limit rape: “women should avoid dressing like sluts.” Following the controversial release, Amber Rose had organized a March in Los Angeles in October 2015.


This picture has been the turn of social networks, since Amber Rose has nearly 3.5 million followers on Twitter and more than 10 million on Instagram!

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