2016 Oscar Winner Alicia Vikander

Alicia Vikander :

Alicia Vikander has won an Oscar as best supporting actress. Now, there is no waypasses more and more Swedish. We imagine the beauty from Gothenburg


Alicia Vikander, 27, has a very memorable face. This make of spectators, as soon as the first images on the screen appear. Especially about their styling at public events can fight. Undisputed, however, is that the jury of the Academy Awards with the award of the young Swede for “Best supporting actress” in “the Danish girl“, by 2015, proved good knack.


The movies up for Oscar


For so long that is active in Gothenburg, Sweden as the daughter of an actress and psychiatrist born and only 1.66 meter person not yet in international business. Already in Danish history, “The Queen and the physician,” 2012, demonstrates the Swede, that they their British colleagues Emily Blunt (33, “Victoria, the young Queen”) and Keira Knightley (30, “The Duchess”) is the representation of a Royal beauty in anything. In the historical film “Anna Karenina”, 2012, have been together to see Knightley in the title role and Alicia Vikander.


Also the film “Inside Wikileaks the fifth force” attracted great attention, 2013, the unveiling platform and whose head Julian Assange, 44, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, 39. acts as the German feminist Anke DOM log mountain, Alicia Vikander 48,wife of Daniel DOM billet-Berg (* 1978). Said Daniel is represented in the film byDaniel Brühl, 37. Brühl Vikander also for “In the rush of the Star” was, by 2015, in frontof the camera.


Also, the film “Ex Machina”, 2015, which was awarded on Sunday with an Academy Award (“best visual effects”) comes from the year 2015. For the biopic “the Danish girl“, in which she the wife of inter sexual plays, now there was the Oscar. From August Alicia Vikander is Hugh grant, in the US agents action-comedy code name U.N.C.L.E.., 2015,with Henri Cavill, 32, 55, and the German actors Christian Berkel, 58, and Sylvester Groth, 57, to see.


The beautiful Swede and love


Much like in the job, Alicia Vikander also in love‘s international routes. Currently she is with Michael Fassbender (38, “12 years a slave”) allied, which in Heidelberg was born and raised in Ireland is. For the awardwinning actor, who was at the awards ceremony on Sunday in addition to Vikander, there was a kiss to the Oscar. He himself had to leave favorite Leonardo DiCaprio, 41, the owner for the “best actor” (“Steve Jobs”), however. In “The Light Between Oceans” Vikander and Fassbender from autumn 2016 in the cinema together will be seen.


The crazy styling question


Although the Swedish Edition of the magazine “Elle” Alicia Vikander early 2012 to the best-dressed Swedish woman named, yet observers agree that the actress has at least unusual taste. The patterns are usually too bright and the colors and cuts of the robes of her complexion and the delicate figure not just flattering… And yet: the Swede would enchant by audience and critics in the potato sack with her game, you bet..

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