Taylor Swift New Hairstyle

Taylor Swift:

At this year’s Grammy Awards, Taylor Swift showed up with a new hairstyle. But for this she reaps only spot and Häme in the network


Taylor Swift at the 58th Grammy Awards before two days not only with her three awards and her acceptance speech caused sensation, but also with their look. Even her outfit was daring, but for her new hairstyle she gets off her fat now really.


The network world is on comparisons

Now, the singer wears a Bob with straight bangs. A field day for Internet users fromall over the world. Diligently find new figures from film, radio and television, withwhich they can compare the 26-year-old. Since we had Willy Wonka, action hero he-man comic series “Masters of the universe”, Chanel by the minions or Lord helmet.


Famous styling model

While the long Chin, round gefoehnte short haircut is just pretty. After all, bears also the fashion icon and Vogue Chief Anna Win tour this look (ok, since the 1980 s), that and their three Grammys can certainly help Taylor Swift about the evil words across.


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