Sylvie Meis On to Hollywood

Sylvie Meis :

Sylvie MEIs is on its way to Los Angeles! At the this year’s Oscars, she will mingle with the stars. Whether she will build one or the other contact there?


Sylvie MEIs, 37, has now in the ranks of Hollywood stars? At least, she will be part ofthis year’s Oscar Auftershow parties. As she proudly announced on her Instagram account, is already on the way to Los Angeles.


Hosted by Elton John

The presenter rose early today in the plane to arrive in L.A. and to be able to prepare for the Hollywood party. This year she became the “Elton John Aids Foundation Galainvited to may on Sunday with many international stars spend the evening and obviously looking forward to the evening. Wen there probably all will learn about? Sylvie MEIs will let us know with certainty via Instagram.


And Sabia? She goes to bed

And what makes Sabia? While Sylvie MEIs is spending the weekend in the States, Sabia Boulahrouz, 37, will remain at home in Germany. With an exciting plane photo she cannot serve unfortunately. Instead she showed up before the go to sleep but once again with an after work Selfie.


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