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Sophia Thomalla :

How is the relationship status of actress Sophia Thomalla? Provides a picture guess work on Instagram and properly stimulate the rumor mill


Confusion pur: date with till

Together, separated, open relationship? How is the relationship status of Sophia Thomalla, now 26, and Till Lindemann, 53?


The Rammstein-rocker (“Sun”) posted a snapshot of a visit to the restaurant on his Instagram private account fortunately but also the local uploaded the same image on his official Instagram account “Chicago Williams BBQ”, so now everyone can see: Sophia Thomalla and till seem to be still/again together. With friends (including actors PaulHipp and Sven Martinek), they visited the hip Berlin restaurant.


The proof of love?

Actually separated the two Yes, or is it? Because already at the Hahnenkamm race in Kitzbuhel the on/off couple was together, his relationship will not comment publicly however. In an interview with GALA, the beautiful actress Sophia Thomalla (“the last boy”) explained already to say “never again” to a dear comeback with till.


So or so is quite clear: a picture says more than thousand words.

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