Nabilla Approached To Present “The Mad Mag”

Nabilla :

Since a few hours, the rumor that Nabilla refused to present the Mad Mag NRJ12 continues to shake the canvas. In the end, it is Peter Nour, who is in command of the issue.


This Tuesday, February 23 at 17.25 on NRJ12, Peter Nour will make his comeback onsmall screen to present the Mad Mag. The string of TNT recently announced that the former acolyte of Matthieu Delormeau was selected to present the new formula of the Mag. The former candidate of Secret Story then regarded as “more fulfilling and more in shape than ever” will take the commands of the show with his legendary outspokenness and his impertinence to “unleash passions and create the buzz”. One that announced her pregnancy will be not only on the plateau. Thus, speculation rifeabout the identity of those who attend the young woman.


Nabilla approached by NRJ12? Believe NanaLDP, Peter Nour was only a second choice for the chain that would have first approached Nabilla. The starlet then asked too much pay for the chain: 30 000 euros per month while Peter Nour would be “satisfied” of 15,000 euros per month. The blog has accompanied its publication of a screenshot which Nabilla confirmed these allegations. Fortunately, Peter Nour can count on the support of a number of celebrities, including her friend Isabelle Balkany, within hours of his return to television.

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