Miley Cyrus Properly Shave Made Easy Tips

Miley Cyrus:

Even if Miley Cyrus still believes that body hair is in, it definitely isn’t. The hair on the legs, under the armpits and in the groin area have to go but what is the best technique? After all, nobody wants to irritated skin and pimples after shaving. We gives you five important tips for shaving and what you should consider when maintaining


Properly shave: five tips for hair removal

Whether on the legs, in the genital area or under your armpits body hair are just annoying. However, the hair removal is still annoying. Especially the unsightly razor pimples and reddened skin bother then. But you can avoid this by following these helpful tips. Thus, the proper shave becomes the easiest thing in the world.


1. shaved 3 steps for perfect skin

The genital area is often particularly sensitive. Therefore should you here do not “juststart shaving”. First prepare the skin on the shaving by take a shower under warm water for two to three minutes. As a result, the hair are soft. Give then some shaving gel which is gentle to the skin as a foam on your genital area.

Let’s start with the three steps: you first shave against the direction of hair growth.Then from the sides to the Middle, and concluded with the direction of the hair growth. It‘s much more gentle for the skin. The hairs are however very briefly, thenyou should shave only in direction of growth, otherwise there are nasty places and pimples.


2. Legday: So you get smooth legs

Soft and supple legs feel great. But also you need to consider a lot. If you want to shave your legs properly, then an important rule applies: the more blades of the razor has, he is the better for your skin. Means in plain language: many blades avoid the nasty little cuts. Here, too, use shaving gel. Just no SOAP or shower gel, both cloggedpores. Now, only one thing is important: to shave against the grain. Just to catch allhairs, without that you quickly get stubble.


3. properly shave armpits

Also the armpits need to special shave legs and genital area. Take some more time for it in the future. You should shave the underarm hair in both directions from top to bottom and vice versa. Attempt the arm as far as possible to the rear to stretch. Soyou get a perfect and beautifully smooth result.


4. dry vs. wet shaving

If the time in the neck sits them, many women opt for a dry shave. It is fast and uncomplicated, yet but rather the worse choice. Because the hair sprout immediately and the skin is irritated in addition.

If you want to shave properly, select prefer wet shaving. This is slightly longer than the dry variation, but is mild to quite a bit, because you can prepare your skin for shaving in the shower.


5. maintenance after

Use a rich care without alco*ol and fragrances under the armpits after shaving. This would needlessly irritate the freshly shaved skin and can cause a burnquite. Also applies to legs and genital area: alcohol is taboo! Instead, cream with Aloe Vera or urea are suitable particularly well to soothe the skin and regenerate them.


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