Michelle Hunziker Aurora Salvages Her Style

Michelle Hunziker:

Michelle Hunziker‘s hairstyle was briefly independent, on the red carpet of the Golden camera but daughter Aurora knew how to help


Presenter Michelle Hunziker, 39, is a real styling Pro, but even with her, everything is impeccable. On the red carpet of this year’s presentation of the Golden camera, sheshone with her daughter Aurora, 19, to the bet. But while that was nice half-Italian interviews, her blonde mane became independent without further ADO. There was Aurora to the site immediately and with a skillful hand grip, the hairstyle was sitting again.


Not only in terms of styling the 19-year-old seems to her mother to come. With the press the beautiful daughter of his evident also in dealing first with the Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti (52, “Perfetto”) already like a real pro. The two presented themselves on the red carpet like a heart and a soul hand in hand or in a tight embrace. The mother-daughter duo was obviously having fun.

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