Kim Kardashian Revealed Her Secret

Kim Kardashian:

Kim Kardashian has revealed on Instagram, with what tools it impressively puts her ample cleavage in scene


Discreet tape under the dress with the plunging neckline? Nil! Thick adhesive strips are the secret: Kim Kardashian has now betrayed as she conjures up her mega cleavage.


Mega cleavage thanks to mega-tape

On their Instagram page the 35-year-old Kim Kardashian revealed now that she needs tons of tapes,to put her breasts an impressive scene. The mother of two posted a snapshot, which apparently shows her in her dressing room.


The thick adhesive tape look like wide suspenders, which West should provide the wife of rapper Kanye from his shoulders extend under the breasts and a good grip.


A bit painful the whole construction looks already. But Kim Kardashian writes that she apply this trick for years for her appearances on the red carpet. The result can be seen in any case.

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