Kesha Her Emotional Statement Against !

Kesha :

Kesha, thanked her fans for their support after the lost court process and is an important statement on sexual abuse


In October 2014, Kesha filed a complaint against their producers. The charge: sexualabuse. For the first time after the devastating outcome of the first trial she expressed now on their Facebook page.

Overwhelming support from fans and celebs

“I can’t believe that so many people around the world took the time, to give love and support me. I am forever grateful”other entertainers, who deliberately have put their career on the line by supporting me, wrote the singer Kesha.


A sign against the “rape culture”

Keshas only wish was to be able to make music without fear to have, or to be abused. It does not lead the process, because it was her about a new or better record deal but to be free of her tormentors. However, the general problem is larger than your case. “I think of all the young girls these days I don’t want my daughter or your daughter, or any other person must have fear, to be punished just because they talk about their abuse.”


You encourages victims of abuse

The 28-year-old Kesha those who are similar to you happened to break the silence and seek help.


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