Kate Moss Torn Ligament While Skiing

Kate Moss :

Kate Moss has drawn to itself a ligament in the knee while skiing in the Switzerland.Meanwhile, the supermodel is back in London


Supermodel Kate Moss has injured himself while skiing. As the “New York Post”reported the 42-year-old in the winter sports in the Swiss Alps has suffered a torn ligament in his knee. Therefore, the accident occurred on Thursday in the the ski resort of Gstaad. On Friday the British beauty is to be flown back to London, to be powered by their doctors. If an operation is necessary, not be set yet, it says.


Event cancellation

Due to the injury, Kate Moss had an opening event scheduled for next Monday(February 22) a branch of the Department store chain to cancel sakes Fifth Avenue in Toronto, Canada. Her doctors had forbidden the long flight. Kate Moss however said in statement to catch up the visit as soon as she could travel again.


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