Jennifer Lawrence Too Tough For Men

Jennifer Lawrence :

Beautiful, talented, smartand still single. GALA explained why Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence is not the correct


No date in sight

One asks about her love life, Jennifer Lawrence get guaranteed a response that is not suitable for minors. “In my bedroom happens absolutely nothing”, she said recently of“Vogue”, “I believe that my hymen grows back together.” A stunning confession fromone of the currently most sought-after actresses. “I have not very many dates. I spend every Saturday night alone,”Jennifer Lawrence explains. Please how? You‘d think the men aresurely to feet, the 25 year old beauty. They do also. But Lawrence is fussy: “I meet notmany men, I want to go out with them,” she says. “It happens about once in the yearthat I‘m attracted to a guy.”


Failed relationship

Her British colleague Nicholas Hoult, 26, managed so far as a single, “Coriia” slightly longer by itself to inspire. As the relationship the two had during the filming of “X-men: first decision met – failed 2014 after five years, she had been lost, admits Jennifer Lawrence: “it turned everything around the question: who am I without this man?TheOscar she won for her role in “Silver Linings” by 2013, was at that time such a thing asa barometer of the relationship: the steeper, it went ahead with the career, the moredeclined it with Nicholas Hoult. Too seldom Hollywood’s new miracle child who isnominated just for the third time for the Oscar at all still found time for love.


Friendship instead of relationship

Today it has become harder for the Kentuckyborn and who grew up with two older brothers Jennifer Lawrence, to fall in love. It has equivalent of 48 million euros Gage in the year 2015, the currently highest paid actress in the worldand one of the busiest to. Since there are because of the appointment calendar, to concentrate on her co-stars in interpersonal matters: with their “tribute by panem” partner Liam Hemsworth Lawrence should have violently flirted and kissed after all.


With Bradley Cooper, the chemistry is right. He is currently in the drama “joy everything except usually to see with the Lawrence won Golden Globe as best actress and once more for the Oscar nominated again at her side. But in both cases, thesparks stopped quickly to fly. Schiedlich-friedlich agreed on friendship. And the on and off relationship, which last year led Jennifer Lawrence with Chris Martin, ran in to the empty, because the 13 years older “Coldplay” lead singer only distraction seeking the separation of Gwyneth Paltrow.


“I have my own head”

To be a consolation prize? No part of Jennifer Lawrence. You can have your fun, but this is only her dirty humor: A women to have fun, a trophy, this is Lawrence very definitely not.She‘s too smart, too successful and too independent. Her essay, in which the actress denounced the unfair remuneration of men and women in show business in Lena Dunhams feminist newsletter “Lenny” in October, is still controversial from colleagues such as Studio bosses. “I wear my heart on the tongue and have a mind of my own”,Jennifer Lawrence once said in an interview with GALA. “A man can take me as I am.” But so far, no one in sight who dares that is there.


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