Heidi Klum Embarrassing Po Appearance

Heidi Klum :

In the TV show by Talk master in Ellen DeGeneres Heidi Klum surprised everyone with her wardrobe. Not because that was so incredibly beautiful, but because four-time mother cheerfully pulled up the dress is camera and presented her underwear

Again and again she is good for a surprise, the Heidi Klum. In the talk show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, the presenter but now lay down a quite dubious appearance.

In a very short, asymmetrical cut dress, the 42-year old model in the Studio walk. On Ellen’s question of whether she extra I need to practice sitting for, lifted her dress Heidi Klum quite openly and showed her underwear all over the world.


Humorous, but inappropriate

The brightly colored Boxer shorts with “Ellen” lettering provided while at the Talk master in and the audience whooping, the image of Heidi Klum will have hurt it but certainly a little.

As four-time mother, entrepreneur and model for thousands of young girls, it is quite doubtful to undress before an audience of millions. Heidi Klum sche Po like private may remain at this point.

And even if Heidi Klum continually prove their youthfulness beak, a super figure, and many daring outfits with her young lover Vito needed she wouldn’t have it. Namely,the bottom line, she is a 42-year old self-made woman who thrilled millions of fans without embarrassing Po Blitzer.


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