Emma Watson “I had to learn so much.”

Emma Watson :

After Emma Watson by “Harry Potter” had become famous, she first went on a self-discovery trip. Today she is almost unrecognizable


Any of the “Harry Potter”-such a career has put stars like Emma Watson. The 25-year old Englishwoman consistently went their way. She preferred a study of literature in the United States the film business and works constantly to itself diary writing,meditating, and her commitment to women emancipation. Because it is hardly surprising that it works tremendously confident and at the same time vigorously during the interview.


What happened to the sweet Hermione from the “Harry Potter” films? We see only indepressing roles as now in the thriller “Colonia Dignidad” across the chasms of sect.


You have surely seen the last two “Harry Potter” movies. That was also very pretty violently to the thing. I’m looking for such intense experiences.


Matches your personality?

I like it already also time relaxed and amusing. That’s why I also filmed “The beautyand the beast”. I already admit that such extreme roles go near me. “ColoniaDignidad” was especially upsetting, because the film is based on a true story.


You remember how they were occupied at the time for “Harry Potter”?

Of course. I was at that time very large eyes, because this world so enchanted me. Itwas a wonderful feeling. I think back very much.


You have been also critical about these experiences.

Yes, it was not always a piece of cake. I tried to meet the expectations of other people.And I lived constantly in the spotlight. After that, I had to run a little self-discovery andfind out whether I want to continue the job at all.


You went to “Harry Potter” first on the uni. Have you fled?

I would not call it escape. I just knew that I had to learn so much. I would have time towork all my life. I wanted to know what it‘s like to be independent, to live away fromhome in another country. That is why I have made break twelve months and focusedon my studies. It has made my life so much richer! I can also well imagine, to graduatenow a postgraduate degree. Would this not conflict with your career now?


I can handle that. When I wanted to take my time out at that time, many people inHollywood advised off me. Is something unheard of in show business, but for myinner development that was incredibly important. I enjoy it again to play leading roles.It correctly I got appetite.

They found still another role as a pioneer for women’s rights. They said even beforethe UN General Assembly. And you have opened up a feminist Book Club

That‘s irrelevant, I am. As an actress, you can hide behind someone else. And also atpremieres I have just posed. But this commitment is something else entirely. In myspeech, I have formulated thoughts I had carried around for many years with me andeven in my diary. That’s why I was so super nervous.


How did you react when you were heavily threatened by men after your moving speech for equality?

Can one do right‘s not each with what you say, how you say it and what you don’t say. I was prepared for them, it has hit me yet.


To write another diary?

Oh, Yes. For me, it‘s like a safety zone, where I‘m clear with myself and sometimes given on sense from me.

You trust him also heartache? A year ago you should have filed a Schweigegelöbnisafter the separation of Matt Jenney for a week.

Oh, this story. Unfortunately, I have not the slightest ability to control what thenewspapers write about me.


So wrong?

The whole thing was not so severe that I had filed such a vow. But I admit: that wasgood for a nice headline. The truth is: I‘m a certified meditation teacher trained me.And that’s why I went into seclusion and didn’t speak for a week.


Since when are you so spiritually?

So, it‘s been awhile. I started to be interested in Buddhism. At some point I realizedthat you must fill it with life, so that it functions. So I started with yoga, which greatlyhelps me to relax me.


Is there something that you are missing to your well-being?

I would like to rest in me even more. But still, I‘ll be unhappy, if I keep everything on the legs.

You want Yes your own family. At the latest, it‘s probably over with the rest

I know. But it is not so far. All his time.


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