David Bowie Widow Iman Breaks Her Silence

Iman :

Iman Abdulmajid has made a first statement in social media since the death of her husband David Bowie

It has been just four weeks that her husband, the legendary musician David Bowie,died of cancer. Iman Abdulmajid has broken her silence for the first time since the tragic loss and issued a statement on the social media.


Emotional message

On their Instagram page the 60 years a short, but still moving message shared with their fans and followers: “love & gratitude. Iman“Love and gratitude,”are the two words that probably most impressive reflect feelings is the widow of the late pop star.

David Bowie was the love of her life. With the artists, Iman was married for 24 years.The happiness of the couple was still crowned by the birth of his daughter 15 years ago. Certainly for the beautiful time together but also for all the sympathy, which was after the death of her husband, she is grateful.

Already in the last days of the sick singer, as well as on the anniversary of his death,Iman had posted poignant messages. Then, it had become quiet around the former model. A few days ago, Iman Abdulmajid was been sighted for the first time in public.


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