Daniela Katzenberger Thanks Again With Barbie Hair Extensions

Daniela Katzenberger:

Daniela Katzenberger showed courage at the end January and presented her new look on Facebook: a trendy Bob hairstyle. Now the desire seems to have grown up but again too after her long mane


Extensions make the Barbie mane

Well that didn’t take long but: Daniela Katzenberger has back long hair. Thanks to extensions because only on January 28 the cat with an unusual Bob hairstyle emerged.

On holiday with daughter Sophia and her fiance of Lucas Cordalis posing the iconic blonde with long mane. Too large, seems to have been longing or was too low at the end of the enthusiasm about the cool Bob? Who knows.

Daniela Katzenberger, 29, surprised their fans on Facebook with a new haircut. Thereality star has uploaded on Thursday (28 January) a picture on her Facebook page,where she proudly displayed her new look. The blonde has remained their hair colorthough, but she has traded her long hair against a Bob. “Well, what say you?” she wrote below the photo and do not long to wait for feedback from their fans.


The fans agree that

On the whole, the Daniela Katzenberger fans agree: you will find the new style class! Some would like a little more naturalness in their makeup, but that is just a small note on the edge of the fans. You are enthusiastic about Daniela’s courage in any case andenjoy the surprise!

Now only the question remains: what probably says Lucas the new look?


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