Daniela Katzenberger Stress Before Wedding

Daniela Katzenberger :

Oh, no! Daniela Katzenberger said just to be in the total “diet stress” makes them up before the big dream wedding with her Lucas about too much pressure?


Need eight kilos down

Goodness gracious! Daniela Katzenberger, 29, knows no mercy when it comes to her body and is currently in the absolute “diet stress”. The young mother, who welcomed daughter Sophia to the world in August 2015, wants to finally fit in her wedding dress,to their big day on June 4 to look perfect. Then it is their treasure Lucas Cordalis, 43,that give “I do”. But Dani not too much seems to diet is in things? “Beloved, I myself just weighed. 67.9 kilos! To the wedding I want back my desired weight and no more at the beginning of”she told her fans in her Facebook post. Daniela Katzenberger do this uploaded along with their current weight level a photo of their scale.


Caution, Dani!

Many of their Facebook followers found the pressure that their idol himself makes,worrying. Finally, the cat but now has a top figure. “This diet stuff is bullshit in my opinion,” protested about a fan. “Take a larger dress and do not live in the stress. Thisis not nice for all of you. “You did not become through the food, but because you‘re Mama“, an other user brought the concerned fan response to the point.


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