Daniela Katzenberger Like a Mullet Wedding Dress

Daniela Katzenberger:

Daniela Katzenberger has precise ideas of how her wedding dress should look like.You will want a robe in the mullet-cut, in the styles of the 1980 s and early 1990 s. We have put together three prominent examples that speak against this unique fashion pas from today’s perspective


That question preoccupies not only her fans: what is the Hochtzeitskleid of the cult blonde look like? Together with her fiance of Lucas Cordalis, 43, Daniela Katzenberger ,29, is planning a luxurious wedding in a fairy-tale castle with many red roses. The big day of the celebrity couple is to take place on June 4. When it comes to your wedding dress, the freshly baked MOM of a young daughter has also very accurate Vortellungen it should be a robe in the mullet cut (front short, rear long).


In the “RTL2” show “pop giant  the TV star now in a certain dress in the shoals.Her beloved had to adhere to even the ears, while Daniela Katzenberger spoke of her dream dress.“My wedding dress should look like from the ‘ November Rain ‘-video. Just a little more tulle. “,  it there.


In the legendary music video of “Guns N’Roses ‘ mega hits from the year 1992 is supermodel Stephanie Seymour in an aufgeruschten mullet dress to the altar. Front provides the robe sexy insight and runs backwards extremely voluminous. Seemingly Daniela Katzenberger would like on their big day not with their incentives skimp on and at the same time not also abandon their beloved trash look.


Not only the famous dress by Stephanie Seymour is now out of fashion. The mullet wedding dresses by Cora Schumacher and Katie Price would no longer make it on the cover of a bridal magazine.

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