Cristiano Ronaldo: Is His Ex Sport-addict?

Cristiano Ronaldo :

Is Gemma Atkinson to muscular? Last much criticism for her toned body suffered a soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo‘s ex it is exaggerating its sports program?


Bad body criticism!

“That looks like a man”, “Disgusting, much to muscular!” such comments Gemma needs just about Atkinson, 31, endure. The actress (“finally womanizer”) splits the minds at the moment and had to really insert for an Instagram posting on her official account. The beautiful ex of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, 31, is trained and fit. When itcomes to the Internet community, she overdo it with their sports program too much.


Gemma in the sports craze? She strikes back…

It is certain: Gemma is a real fitness freak and likes posting pictures or videos of themselves running their figure comes into its own for several months. Also healthyeating only seems to be their diet. That their new attitude to life not at each to come seems is no matter the actress. “I felt never been this confident, strong, beautiful,powerful and sexy since I started lifting weights”, she was delighted and took the wind out of the sails all critics and body Hamern: “before you start with your nasty comments. I look every day so, the image is formed directly after an intense upper-body workout.”


.. and is really angry!

On her Twitter account, the beautiful British woman struck even clearer tones. “To all those who say I was too pumped up, look like a man or train wrong: inform yourself before you write such a crap. The muscles were tense just by training and pumped up.”


Then she invited a hot picture of himself, which should have probably all hater in restrain because: Gemma looks great!

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