Cindy Crawford Happy Birthday, Cindy!

Cindy Crawford :

The calendar does not lie: Cindy Crawford celebrates her 50th birthday on February 20. GALA congratulates. And the supermodel distributed gifts clear words to their ex Richard Gere


Her trademark

He made them mad at an early age. For hours, Cynthia was Ann “Cindy” Crawford from De Kalb, Illinois, before the mirror. Who was the mole left above the lip to him across determinants, vowed to operate the thing away, as soon as she had the wherewithal. Submitted that earned the student through their jobs in the corn field,fortunately never has. Otherwise have Cindy Crawford now not her trademark. Andperhaps never reached, what she can look back at the age of 50: a fantastic career.


Breakthrough and career

The start was in 1983. As a 17 year old, she took part in a modeling contest of the prestigious agency elite, battled in the top twelve. Even with the soon upcoming jobs was her birthmark above make-up. Up to the “Vogue” title page three years later,when the creative team decided, this time not to retouch. The breakthrough! Her career from the outset strategically planned Cindy Crawford. “I consider myself as head of company of that owned a commodity: Cindy Crawford“, she explained the“SZMagazin” in 1995. In the same year she was the highest paid model worldwide,with nearly $7 million in income.



Privately, she suffered their biggest setback, the divorce from Richard Gere Hollywood sex symbol in that fateful year. in 1991, she had married the 17 year older actor.Shortly before the anniversary she said now about the time on its side, and it affects not enthusiastically. “I think part of the problem of our relationship was, we never were much, friends. “Because I was young and Richard Gere.” Each word sounds like distance: “we are friendly with each other, but it has become almost as if it were‘Richard Gere’ again.” Loving things edge Gerber the entrepreneur for Cindy with her second husband. The two have been married since 1998 and have, wonder, the gorgeous children Presley, 17, and KAIA, 14. She also reported the private happiness in her latest autobiography “Becoming” (Rizzoli, 256 p., English).


Glamorous it must no longer be super Cindy Crawford. Every summer she drives with the familyfor a month in the custom wood home in Ontario, Canada. It‘s her favorite place.Mirror is hardly there.

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