Britney Spears Completely Weaves Her Dancers

Britney Spears :

Singer Britney Spears has a crazy rule whether this is really respected for her background dancers?


When Britney Spears, 34, are themselves the innocent days when they still as sweet“Mouse keteer” with the “Mickey Mouse Club stood on the stage, has long since past.Also their “I‘m still a Virgin” believed assurances the Lolita at that time already, was not together as they still with Justin Timberlake, 35, and their relationship was reportedly quite chaste. In the dream, not!


The Britney law

Now the latest rule, which must follow the dancers of Britney Spears Las Vegas show “Piece of Me” that acts almost like irony. Because Madame wishing that her background company focused entirely on their job. But not too far takes this law? Because: Britsdancer have sex ban! Compared to the American “heat” magazine, an insider said:“Britney expect same usage, Britney Spears comes by her dancers and so distractions like sex and alcohol are strictly prohibited. Anyone who doesn’t adhere to the rules, must go. It‘sthat simple. There‘s a lot of dancers, who would do anything for it to be part of the show.” Basta!


No sex it says so in the contract (!)

The dancers keep to the strict rule, should have been set even in writing in a contract.The singer had reportedly add the clause, after she had separated from her partner,the naturalist and wildlife filmmaker Charlie Ebersol. If Britney Spears has no sex, no one to must have him or how? Or want to be the artist just an absolute professional? TheInsider explained that: “since she is single, she focused on her work. Brit feels the pressure, as Jennifer Lopez has also a Las Vegas show and wants everyone to focus.”

Bizarre, that the dancers for Britney Spears, the relationship killer must have apparently no love life!


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