Beyonce Knowles Breakdown at The Super Bowl

Beyonce :

Also this year again was Beyonce in the legendary half-time show of the Super Bowl.During their wild dance performance, however, there were a tiny goof


Beyonce, 34, is known for its legendary concerts and appearances. They thrilled their fans not only with her voice, but there gas in their dance routines right. This year, thesinger in the halftime show of the Super Bowl was able to inspire the audience with aperformance and as always put a stunning appearance. But a small goof isundermined her when she lost in the middle of the dance performance of the balanceand nearly fell. There, the air stayed away not only her, but also some fans for a briefmoment.


Halftime show with Beyonce, Coldplay and Bruno Mars

Dominate the 50th Super Bowl half-time show should the British Band Coldplay.Singer Bruno Mars, 30, and Beyonce were finally added as an accompaniment.Beyonce still really fueling the mood with their dance performance. In a skin-tight leather outfit, she has performed before her back round dancers and gave everything again.


The moment of fright

The performance was almost perfect, but who exactly has looked, has noticed it:amidst the choreography Beyonce lost balance after she went in the squat and jumped back into the air. A shock is not for all, but please! The singer proves an incredible body feeling and a professionalism. You can remember nothing and dancing more than anything would have been. Since she has been lucky again and earned a lot of respect.


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