Barbara Schoeneberger Further Decreased

Barbara Schoeneberger :

Barbara Schoneberger has lost even more four kilos. The presenter with the hot curves and the convincing mouth behind the scenes at the ceremony of the “Golden camera”in Hamburg revealed the secret of her slim figure

Host, singer and entertainer Barbara Schoneberger both seemed so pretty, slim and happy at the ceremony of the Golden camera, that just everyone wanted to know the secret of her success.


Once again are 4 kilos are down with sport and sufficient sleep

She have now lost four kilos, told the 41-year-old with the fascinating blue eyes on the red carpet of the “image”-newspaper. That sounds only once not so much and still is to notice a big difference: the woman who finds diets not to keep out according to their own journal “Barbara”, has discovered the sport and its long-term effects for themselves. Sufficient exercise and fitness, which has incorporated into her life, and enough sleep they have redefined.

Barbara Schoneberger is brought always with pleasure, fun and lush life in connection a picture, what self-irony with quite even drew it with a touch. In front of the camera to act finally also always still slightly wider, which is well known. At some point the point was reached, where she herself wanted a change of life style. Enough sleep is important for this, because fatigue taking latenight like to unhealthy snacks.


Dinner cancelling or slim in his sleep?

If every now and then the dinner is omitted completely, or by avoiding carbohydrates,a protein-rich diet from 17: 00 at night lowers blood sugar levels, is then burned in your sleep. Ideal for the metabolism and a plus, if one ever wants to increase his energy level. Then, the pounds tumble almost in their sleep.

About two years ago, the fun-loving entertainer began with sports. But only a few months ago the wonderful transformation of character began to be really noticeable.Barbara of beautiful Berger’s anyway great, colorful dresses seem more elegant now has a track. The mother of two feels obviously very good in her skin and full power.


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