Ariana Grande Turns Her Manager

Ariana Grande :

Singer Ariana Grande comes to separate from Scooter Braun his manager that deals also Justin Bieber.


The beginning of 2013, Ariana Grande signed with Scooter Braun, who became his new manager. It did not take long to make it take off the career of the singer who hassigned many tubes later. Yet, she has just decided to separate from him.


What you need to know, is that Scooter Braun is also the manager of another big star,Justin Bieber. By learning the end of his collaboration with Ariana Grande, American media immediately speculated that Justin Bieber was the cause of this professional failure. The singer had angry Big Sean, ex of the young woman, with too muchwandering hands with her during a benefit Duet for his tour. “This kid will learn not totouch my girlfriend like that!”, had commented the rapper.


However, a source close to Ariana Grande said One Way Empire that Ariana Grande was that an indirect link with the eviction of his manager. “Scooter spent a lot of time withhim. Ariana Grande needs someone who can bring him more attention”. Scooter Braun has the to be overwhelmed by the project‘s Purpose, the new Justin Bieber, which is part of the five best global sales by 2015.

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