Annett Louisan Finally Believes In True Love

Annett Louisan :

The singer Annett Louisan talks about her marriage and family planning with GALA


A bit nervous singer Annett Louisan, 38, bite GALA she meets for an interview in Berlin. Her most recent appearance is just a few weeks. But because she left no stage,but a courtroom. All people, her ex-boyfriend had blackmailed them via Facebook. He claimed to have been involved in her musical success and threatened to resolve the matter in a “personal intangible way”. Louisan successfully continued the fight he was sentenced to pay a fine. The singer wants to conclude with this chapter now,because there are to tell so much beautiful


Musically, we have long heard nothing more from you! Where have you been?

I‘ve seen much sun. (laughs) I was very much in the Studio to work on my new album.


Could you realize your vacation plans and go with your husband on a great trip to Asia?

We traveled with four weeks through Thailand, were on seven islands and a bit in Bangkok. It was a relaxing trip. I had a tour with about 80 concerts behind me and was a bit worn out. The trips helped a lot: mobile phone, in the now, go to bed with the sunset, get up with the sunrise.


You have mentioned that you have a baby?

A baby is not in direct planning. I have also a lot this year: my album, the broadcast.But I would be happy about every baby that comes to me. I‘m not a woman, saying:no, that is not eligible at this time.


Would a baby a reason to break up with the music?

A child would refer to the second place the music.


Can you trust people in General still after you have been blackmailed by their ex-boyfriend?

I am a hopeful person. And I‘m good friends with almost all my ex-boyfriends.


Is your husband join to South Africa to “Sing my song”?

No. We are already so long a few we trust us, and I find it also pretty for a while not looking. If it slowly starts to hurt, because you miss the other, it is all the more important.


What makes this love?

I had big love, which started big and were becoming increasingly difficult. With my husband, I feel for the first time, it is still a little more love, and that feels good. At twenty I just still not out, had it what is good for me.


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