Adele Attracts The Stars

Adele :

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom danced along to their music and even Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson the Adele concert in Los Angeles could not escape


Even stars can not resist the attraction of Adele‘s songs. The audience of her concertin Los Angeles was peppered with familiar faces. So, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stoneand Woody Harrelson danced omitted to Adele‘s hit “Rolling In The Deep”, as in video, which released “TMZ”, can be seen.


Even of Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson seemed to be quite down and away fromthe performance of the 27-year old British girl. The actor couple was even lucky, Adele to meet backstage. Evidence of a photo that has rarity value. For smiles in the picturethat Rita Wilson on Instagram shares, not only the singer into the camera, but also herhusband Simon Konecki is to see. The two usually try to stay out of her personal life completely out of the public. Meanwhile, Wilson emerged as a super fan. The pictureshe wrote: “there are no words. Simply thank you.”


Katy Perry and John Mayer in concert but not together

Speaking of privacy: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were also common at Adele‘s appearance. You have been spotted when leaving the “the“Wiltern theatre where theconcert took place. But still the fans waiting for a confirmation of their relationship.


By the way, also Katys ex John Mayer the gig should have visited with a new wife at his side. According to the “TMZ” was sure however that the couple not to meet.

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