Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez Even Beautiful Without Make-up

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez:

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are really pretty even without a beauty Entourage. Fora sport date girlfriends show (almost) without makeup

Attention, here comes the face control!

Taylor Swift, 26, of a girl with red lips and rosy cheeks sings in her song “Wildest Dreams”. She sings by himself? Most likely, eventually a bright red lipstick is now as her trademark as her autobiographical songs. Now recent paparazzi photographs but prove that Taylor even without well, at least it looks at first glance makeup staggeringly pretty.

Sports-date with Selena Gomez

With her best friend Selena Gomez, 23, Taylor leaves the body by Simone in West Hollywood gym. While swift an over sized black hooded sweatshirt (Calvin Harris, you miss something?) and wearing grey leggings, Selena walked in a sports bra and shaping running trousers pink therefore. Champagne, high heels and perfect styling were yesterday; the singers are unadorned, sweaty and beautiful.

Naturally beautiful

We zoom even on Taylor Swift approach. You can clearly see that a Foundation has no Taylor’s skin is indeed spotless, but her look, she made just sweaty sports. Pink stains the 26 year-old youthful fresh look. Also around the eyes Taylor pass apparently on makeup at the sport. Only on the lips, we are not quite sure: sporty bleeds through, or has been used since about a little colored lip balm? Either way Taylor is also of course a feast.

Also Selena Gomez would have to hide their natural beauty not really under mountains of makeup. As a darker skin type it is blessed anyway with colored, full eyelashes and eyebrows which lend a certain contour her face. When Selena, we a requite sure that she completely “topless” is.


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