Sylvie Meis Overcomes Her Inner Pig Dog

Sylvie Meis :

In conversation with GALA, Sylvie Meis revealed how motivating themselves for their rigorous fitness program and on what she must abandon everything for your dream figure in which sweet delicacy, it is weak,

When the name is Sylvie Meis, most of Holland, top styled outfits and the enviable figure of 37-jahrigen presenter think. We met the disciplined TV star on the occasion of the presentation of his first sports collection for Hunkemoller and talked about the secret of her dream body with Sylvie.


Regularly to motivate the sport is not always easy how overcoming your inner demon?

Honestly, for me, the good feeling is enough to the training stimulus. Also I do motivate me again and again with new playlists, which I fill with songs, on which I amlooking forward and bring fun to me. My outfit is of course also contribute in factthe whole trappings.


Styled as go to the gym?

If I do sports, I like it more clean. I me tie loops in the hair or behange me with too many accessories. First and foremost, my sports outfits must be of course useful, but nevertheless I attach great importance that they are stylish.


It may be because sometimes that one runs Sylvie MEIs unvarnished while jogging on the way?

Absolute! Unfortunately, as often as not good weather is in Hamburg (laughs) but live in a very nice area and wait just three paparazzi outside my front door, I put on my sneakers easy and turn a round the Alster.


Do you have a certain routine that you prepare for their sports program in the morning?

I get up, put on my sports clothes and go go to the supermarket or to the bakery to get me something for breakfast. I was once out in the fresh air and exercise, so that to start more easily overcome with training falls.


There are certain exercises or tricks that you can particularly recommend?

Personally I look at like new YouTube videos, where the exercises will be made before me. Especially when I‘m traveling and hotels stay, these clips are a great thing.Generally, I work for my upper arm muscles with dumbbells. Cardio training is also on my daily to do list.


How to train your abdominal muscles?

When the abdominal training above all consistency is important. A series of different exercises above also classic crunches are effective variety is always good.


How often do you train in the week?

Five times a week my training is for me like a kind of job. I know that it must be andit is now just down to my everyday life.


Will you help with a personal trainer?

Three times a week I train alone and the remaining two times together with my trainer Johannes Pommerien. However, these units are an additional part of my training plan,say I do cardio for only 30 minutes and then go to him to further train. Sport alone isnot everything though, you must pay attention also to his diet.


How exactly does your diet look like? On what you give for your dream body?

I make sure to take much protein and good fats such as avocado and salmon. I avoid bad fats and sugars completely – at least as far as this is possible in everyday life. Also,I have been following a low-carbohydrate diet. Now I live for 12 years in this way, it isa lifestyle for me.


Never are you snacking?

Yes, I nasche of course but only on specified days. On these dates, I know that I can give me something delicious.

Chocolate or biscuits what is she but weak.



A certain kind?

Milk chocolate very bad (laughs).

Sylvie Meis sports collection for Hunkemoller is available, just in time for January 2016 to implement the good intentions into action.


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