Salma Hayek You Feel Better With Curves

Salma Hayek:

Hollywood beauty Salma Hayek no longer looks with her 49 years as a 20 year old.The actress will be good. How well she feel with their feminine curves, she says their fans on Instagram

Granted, at her sight you would guess hardly that Salma Hayek is 49 years old. The Hollywood beauty presented like her female curves. And even if it was previously easier, her body like her better now. The actress she proved with an Instagram image from the past.

That it is in a white bikini and extremely flat, toned tummy to see with WaSP waist. body that many women want. Hayek disagrees but today: “that was my waist before pregnancy. Now this is no longer so, but my life is so much better”, she wrote to the photo. Hayek‘s daughter Valentina was born in 2007.

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