Miley Cyrus: Clear Statement Of The Ring Designer

Miley Cyrus:

There you go! Singer Miley Cyrus is back together with Liam Hemsworth and wears her engagement ring again! Now, also the designer of the special piece of jewelry to Word volunteered

Update, January 20: Now the ring designer speaks

Now we have 100 & –certainty: Miley Cyrus again wearing her old engagement ring had infected her Liam Hemsworth 2012 on the finger! The ring Designer, for the musician (“we can’t stop“) the precious piece of jewellery once created, expressed for the first time to the dear comeback. And he has to know after all. These are the celebrity jeweler Neil Lane. He is the jewelry designer, which trust the (love) celebrity men if they want to go before their loved one on the knee. So also Hollywood favoriteLiam Hemsworth, the lane asked to choose a unique Diamten for his Queen of heartsfor him. “He‘s really special,” enthused the artist with respect to “Entertainment Tonight” by Miley Cyrus noble ring. “I found a stone from the 19th century really very nice,a magical stone Liam wanted something in gold. He wanted to have something really special and unique.” Said and done! The singer got the unique rock but from the wedding, something was known to never. At that time, the young couple seemed just to be not yet ready for a so huge step. The wedding pressure should have ruined their relationship.

The same man, the same ring!

But that may be changing now. Miley Cyrus and Liam are together again and who still pondering whether it that the singer recently presented at the airport, really was in the piece of jewelry, same ring of that time, who gets served the opinion here by the master personally: “it is said that Miley Cyrus has never really separated from this ring, she kept him in honor. I‘ve heard that, I don’t know this from her, but he is back on herfinger on his right hand, on the ring finger.” So, the ring master has spoken!


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