Madonna Mystery Solved: Why Does She Hate Her Son


Madonna and her son Rocco Ritchie go through just a hard time musician that should be the reason for the mega hassle of the two

The military protocol

Oh dear! Madonna, 57, currently not easily has it with her son Rocco. The 15-year-old,the musician (“material girl“) together with ex-husband Guy Ritchie, 47, educates currently wants to know nothing of his famous MOM. The boy initially blocked the singer on Instagram and subsided to a private account. Reportedly, he did all that to cut Madonna out of his life. The thing has landed even in court. According to the“TMZ”, Rocco namely necessarily want to move to his father to England Papa Guy should have intervened in the dispute, by he allegedly hired a lawyer to fight for custody.

Mad is Rocco because Sean Penn?

Allegedly the son of celebrity has tired of the nomadic life of his mother, her rigorous training methods and their lifestyle. But according to “Radar Online”, the real reason for the mega fight of the two will be something completely different. Or someone:Sean Penn! “He hates Sean,” an insider said tough. The Hollywood Star (“milk”) and the pop diva was married from 1985 to 1989 and according to rumors the two recently to have celebrated their love reunion.

And now this: the musician and actor at a charity event showed in intimate pose. Sean languished Madonna publicly on the red carpet and she themselves declared onstage:“I just want to say, Sean, I love you, ever since I first saw you, and I love you always exactly the same.” A declaration of love!


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