Madonna and Rocco Ritchie The Dispute Escalated.


Now comes the showdown: Guy Ritchie supported his son Rocco and wants to bring him to himself. Madonna, however, conceded a further swipe from the 15-year

Guy Ritchie turns on a lawyer

No easy time for Madonna, 57: Your son Rocco wants to pull his father Guy Ritchie,47, after England necessarily. The 15 years have enough of the nomadic life of his mother, her strict up bringing methods, and their lifestyle. Madonna was addicted to control, but didn’t really pay attention to him and more like a trophy would treat him,“TMZ” reported recently.

Now even Guy Ritchie involved officially in the dispute between his son and his ex-wife: the British Director told a lawyer according to the online portal to fight for custody. Rocco is longing for more stability in his life, he would not get with Madonna.

“If Rocco is his father, he can play guitar until the morning hours. Guy has rules, but he himself had no self-esteem as a child and want that it will be different with his son”,“PageSix”reported. When Ritchie normality is possible, when Madonna but the teenager would have to abide about her Macrobiotic Diet, the sweets, salt nor dairy products are allowed. Even television come out of question.

Rocco locks Madonna on Instagram

Meanwhile, escalated the dispute online. Apparently Rocco has blocked Madonna on Instagram. Jacqui Ritchie, his stepmother, may still see his contributions a tart side swipe against the 57-year old, which is also jealous of the family Idyll of her ex-husband. Madonna‘s latest Instagram entry could quite see it as a reaction to the events; She posed happily with her daughter Lourdes and looking forward to the new year: Madonna and Guy Ritchie separated worlds eight years after their divorce. While the ‘Queen of pop’ tireless touring, guy lives with his new wife, Jacqui, and the children of Rafael, 4, Rivka, 3, and Levi, 1, in London.

With the singer Madonna he has also the son of David, 10, which they adopted in 2006. Madonna is also mother of Lourdes, 18, and mercy, 9.


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