Madonna and Guy Ritchie May Rocco Decide?

Madonna and Guy Ritchie:

So far was shared by Madonna and Guy Ritchie the custody of their son Rocco. Now he wants to but his father. He must decide where he grows up?

When is Madonna, 57, and Guy Ritchie, 47, eight years ago divorced, he agreed with the singer sure that children in the United States grow up. The mirror reported at that time, the Director was sad, he would see his children in the future less, but for him, the matter is simple Rocco and David were always more important than he. “He wants the boys and their sister Lourdes to remain together. He can not tear it apart.Guy says Rocco and David, he will often see them”, it said. It was also so. Guy proved that he removed thousands of kilometers and can still be a loving father. His job made the Englishman well apparently so that Rocco, 15, now wants to live with him.

At Christmas, the teenager refused to fly back to his mother. He got fed up with her restless nomadic life, their severity and their lifestyle “TMZ” is reported. He could not only travel and need stability in his life. When guy, his wife, Jacqui, and their three children, he feels much better and could lead a reasonably normal life.

Does the guy get sole custody?

The dispute escalated recently when even Guy Ritchie official meddling in the dispute between Madonna and Rocco. The 47-year-old is to have switched on a lawyer according to “TMZ”, now to get themselves to Rocco. But what are the chances that he gains custody?

Pretty good, because Rocco will this year already 16 years old. “He has said clearly that he wants to come back to New York, said Rocco’s lawyer Eric Buckley. Force an adolescents at this age his mother to live, psychologically not good concerning him?That would allow hardly a Court of this world.

Under American law a child in the U.S. State of New York from the age of explain 14 years‘s would rather live with what parent flowing should not be with while in the final decision of the Court, means however, that will be always complied with the request. Especially cheap could even Guy Ritchie wants to get his son to him, and more stable environment than Madonna can give him that is constantly on tour affect in the case.

Madonna is fighting for Rocco

The singer should, however, do anything to retain custody. On Twitter, she recently posted a photograph that shows her with her children Lourdes and Rocco and mercy when they were little. “Love overcomes everything,” she writes.

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