Lady Gaga At The Golden Globes 2016

Lady Gaga:

Can even happen: Lady Gaga in her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes all her fiance forgot

For her supporting role in the series “American Horror Story” pop singer Lady Gaga was nominated for the first time globe as best supporting actress for one. To the surprise of many the 29-year-old also, managed to win the coveted trophy.

Gaga forgets a name

Lady Gaga seemed her triumph barely to be able to believe what is probably also the reason for their slightly incomplete but very lovable acceptance speech. We enumerate times, whom Lady Gaga on stage about a thank you dedicated to:

Ryan Murphy (producer)

the “American horror story”-cast
Matt Bomer (“American horror story” Opfer)
Dennis O’Hare (another “AHS” Opfer)
Angela Bassett (a “AHS” colleague)
Cheyenne Jackson (“AHS” Opfer)
Finn Wittrock (get back)
Chloe Sevigny (again)
Evan Peters 
Once again “the entire cast”
her family
her mother
her father
her sister
her team
Brad Falchuk (screenwriter)
Bradley Buecker (producer)
Michael Uppendahl (Director)
Michael GOI (cinematographer)
Lady Gaga starts to promise and the music, which indicates that she must leave the stage, is heard.
A long list. But not anyone absent there? Right: In all her nervousness Lady Gaga has actually forgotten her fiance Taylor Kinney, 34. Can even happen. It seems not to have disturbed the beautiful actor; He looked to his sweetheart proud like Oscar and left her side all night long not.

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