Kim Kardashian Suddenly Inflatable Lips

Kim Kardashian :

Reality star Kim Kardashian may be not enough soon slim and beautiful. Immediately after the birth of her second child, the pounds should necessarily tumble if necessary also with plastic surgery and intensive workout. Now it seems to have been the first time the beauty doc


Update, January 25:

Yikes, what happened there? Kim Kardashian shows unusually fluffed since the birth of son Saint on the first right Selfie. Even when in the face of the TV starlets, not much is real, this intervention is much too drastically.

The 35-year-old before a huge mirror posing together with her sisters Kourtney and Kylie. While her lips look but so fluffed that instantly break loose speculation about are newed beauty surgery.

A natural impulse is to realize everything is rigid and artificial no longer in the face of the entrepreneur streamlined by Botox.


Bye-bye, baby pounds!

Kim Kardashian wants to get rid of the pesky baby pounds at any price. Her son Saint came to the world on December 5, but now Kim is seemingly every means right. major challenge was certainly for nine months on Botox and co. to abandon for the beauty fanatic. For the time after the birth of her second child the 35-year-old has settled right therefore a master plan. A customized after baby Bodysuit is to it.

As reported by “new”, a friend of the self-made millionaire now even from a trip to Europe wants to know. Kim Kardashian talking to go a week at a fat camp or diet Spa”, so the name undisclosed Insider. In the new year, after the busy holidays with the family, it should be ready.

The background should be a nude shoot, that has adopted the 35-year-old for March.Until then it is important to get rid some kilos if necessary also on surgical ways.


After baby body by the beauty doc

Freshly baked nut to were interested already various interventions at various plastic surgeon, an insider reported the family a while ago to “new”. She would like to set up her chest, tighten your abdomen and perform a liposuction. A few days rest between delivery room and surgery table want to treat but still they are,after all, was her pregnancy not without complications.


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