Kim Gloss The Interview To The Beauty-OP

Kim Gloss :

TV starlets Kim gloss let at the hairline and the eyebrows hair transplant itself and stands speech and reply in an interview with GALA

After their hair transplant, Kim Gloss now wears a Bob hairstyle. GALA asked the blonde, as the surgical procedure took place.


What did you think the first five minutes of the intervention?

I was nervous and I was hoping that the surgery goes well.


You let the hairline and the eyebrows hair transplant friends what hurt more?

Both did not really hurt. The only thing hurt something, that was the point at the back of the head.


What was the worst part of the OP?

A strip of skin was removed as me in the back of the head. Although it was stunnedabout and I felt no pain, but I noticed how there was cut with a scalpel. This is already an unpleasant sensation!


Many found you without make-up in the jungle camp beautiful why do you change your look so?

I feel unvarnished continue, as you can see in my YouTube videos where I myself show very often unflattering. Nevertheless, styling and beauty is my passion, and of course Ievolve me so.


Was the surgery your beauty resolution 2016? Have you thought long about the action?

It was not my beauty resolution 2016, but of course I have me long and extensively deals with this topic and me informed. I thought it was the right time for me now.


Have you been previously less confident that’s why?

I‘m already fairly long in public and self-confidence has never been missing me.


Appearance plays a central role in show business you feel as much pressure?

I personally feel there is no pressure. Looking good is relative and always from thepoint of view of the observer. At the end is, that you are satisfied with its appearance and feels comfortable. This is then reflected in positive charisma. ´


You‘re totally open and confident that comes with your beauty OPs to how?
Many stars want to keep secret so somewhat Yes absolutely, but you go to the public.

You must be to what one is and what one does. Also, I feel a certain responsibility to my fans and want to be open and honest on this subject.


You are a role model for many young girls, do you think that you are a good role model with your beauty operations? Want to be a role model at all?

Of course, I‘m a role model for some. Since I very openly and honestly deal with thistopic, I hope that I can make a contribution, that my fans with this topic are veryaccurate and critical look.


Would you repeat the procedure from today’s perspective?

To answer this question correctly, it is still too early, I must wait for the result. BecauseI myself but long and hard I dealt with this topic, I am quite confident.


Are you satisfied with the result?

Can I answer you in half a year, at the earliest.


What are your other resolutions for 2016?

Musical make headlines.


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