Katie Holmes : Is It Your Engagement Ring?

Katie Holmes :

The rumors about Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are persistent. Now, the actress wore a suspicious ring

Secret love with Jamie Foxx

Four years after her divorce from Tom Cruise, 53, Katie Holmes, 37, has learned from past mistakes. The actress is so good it‘s out of the limelight, but a few are since two years persistent rumors, she and Jamie Foxx, 48, were. Now, Hollywood stars should have taken the next step.

Is that an engagement ring, Katie?

As Katie last Friday at the “photographs by Kelly Klein” event in West Hollywood showed up, was the Dawson’s Creek star all the attention. The 37-year-old wore beautiful red dress and shone almost still brighter than the sparkling jewel on her ring finger. Is it about an engagement ring?

A few days earlier had reported the U.S. “In Touch” Katie and Jamie Foxx were planning a wedding of her ex-husband Tom Cruise in the way would be but [Katie reported on Instagram personally to Word and denied, note d. red.].

Now is a credible source told “E! News”said that the piece of jewelry handle any engagement ring. Katie Holmes wear the ring already for a long time again, most recently in the June 2015 at the CFDA fashion awards. Women with a favorite piece of jewelry,which is not an engagement ring? Should there be on this world, indeed!

Katie remains silent about Jamie Foxx continue. A lady is silent and enjoys it.

The Golden Globes visited Jamie Foxx Meanwhile, not surprisingly, without Katie Holmes, but with her daughter Corinne, 21.


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