Kaley Cuoco No luck On New Year’s Eve

Kaley Cuoco:

The last day of the year has brought no luck again Kaley Cuoco. Her dog died on 31 December

New year’s Eve should have actually the happiest day in the life of Kaley Cuoco two years ago. At that time, she married tennis player Ryan Sweeting. Meanwhile, how ever again, this relationship is history. And December 31, seems as the day of disaster for the “big bang theory” actress to make out. As 2015, their beloved family dog Petey died.

Monument on Instagram

Kaley Cuoco created a monument for the 15yearold animal on Instagram. “Anyone who knows me, knows even Petey,” wrote the 30 years. He had been her first dog, gift from her boyfriend. “I was afraid I was getting trouble, so I hid it for three days in my bedroom.” Her parents discovered the four-legged friends of course. “You said must care of him, if I wanted to keep him. I am pleased so!”

When she moved out at 17 from home, she was allowed to take the dog but not. “He had conquered the hearts of my parents and they wouldn’t let me!”

Company name of dog

The name of Kaley Cuocos company proves how much influence in her life was Petey, “peteypie inc”. “He has brought a life full of joy and laughter to our whole family. know that‘s going to like him in dog‘s heaven”, writes the actor to a photo collage that shows her with Petey. “I‘ll never forget this little guy.”


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