Jennifer Lopez: She Fights For Her Figure

Jennifer Lopez:

We know how sexy Jennifer Lopez manages to keep a so toned figure with web lichen curves with 46 years


On her show in Las Vegas (20 February) showed Jennifer Lopez again quite clearly,what it is for an exception: at the age of 46, she has a body many a 20-year-old would want. Trained and taut to the toe tips she completed her mega show. It seems, Jennifer Lopez would be a kind of “Button of Benjamin”, she‘s getting older, deston looks better it.


Jennifer Lopez is a celebrated icon, but also as regards their clean complexion and her sexy look, a giant role model for many women not only as a singer around the world.


That the diva is a Saint but also still what their life style that would by “Jenny From The block hardly anyone expected. But just as hard to himself the gifted singer, dancerand actress lives obviously to maintain your crisp figure and the smooth complexionof the dream.


The Jet Shaundi needs 2 personal trainer both have completely different approaches

In New York, Jennifer Lopez is required by Star trainer David Kirsch and if she is in Los Angeles,then Tracy Anderson is a program of sport tailored personally to the entertainer with her. So is even more called the 46 and keeps optimal in the form of their body.


They marketed even its own diet program

In addition to personal trainers, Jennifer Lopez has also an own diet program, which marketed them. “Body Lab” went on the market in 2015 and promises maximum customers result in a very short time.


No cigarettes, no alcohol, lots of vegetables and food for their children

A delicious latte macchiato, sometimes a cocktail or cosy TV until late at night? All of these amenities are absolutely taboo for the superstar.


As Jennifer Lopez betrayed just “US Weekly”, your dream body is the result of many years of hard and continuous work. “I drink not (alcohol) or smoke or take caffeine tome, because that ruined the skin when you get older,” she explained in the interview.In her family, there would be mostly green vegetables such as asparagus, sprouts,broccoli, and cabbage. Recipes from Puerto Rico for the healthy treats would taste even their seven-year twins Max and Emme, if she would prepare themselves

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